• Assessment battery for
    language and learning disorders

  • Neuresoft is part of
    the international Basque Center
    on Cognition, Brain & Language.

What is NeureSoft?

NeureSoft is the BCBL department (www.bcbl.eu) dedicated to developing tools for language assessment, both in Basque and Spanish. As an international interdisciplinary research centre for the study of cognition, brain and language, the professional team of the BCBL has developed a methodology in digital version, which is available to facilitate the daily work of professionals in the field.

NeureSoft was specifically created to transfer to society the scientific knowledge acquired at the BCBL about cognition and language. Since 2013, a variety of tools are being developed aiming at facilitating language assessment, both in monolingual and Basque-Spanish bilingual children.

Assessment battery

NeureSoft aims at developing assessment tools for oral and written language in order to facilitate the diagnosis of several impairments (e.g., Specific Language Impairment or Dyslexia, amongst others). Each battery comprises several tasks. The oral language batteries gathers information about the psycholinguistic processes underlying comprehension and expression in all language-related areas: phonetics and phonology, vocabulary, morphosyntax and semantics. The batteries to assess literacy skills will register information about the various processes underlying these abilities.
Please, find below the available batteries:

Assessment of oral language in Basque

Assessments of literacy skills in Basque

Assessment of oral language in Spanish

Assessment of literacy skills in Spanish


How does NeureSoft work?

This is a web platform which grants access to the batteries developed by NeureSoft.


Once registered on the platform, the professional will have a tailored space to manage cases and administer a variety of tasks through the website or a tablet device.


To benefit from it, the licence and the use credits named NEUREs should be acquired (these credits allow professionals to administer the tasks and elaborate the results reports).


Neuresoft License
+ 10 neures


10 neures


50 neures


100 neures


NeureSoft belongs to BCBL, a non-profit research centre. All the income from NEURESOFT will be destined exclusively to cover the costs of the diagnosis battery, to create new diagnosis tools and to fund the research activities of the BCBL.